November 16th 2020

INDEX: 1) AGM (Members Yearly General Meeting) 2) A New Local Business 3) President’s Final Letter 4) Description of the role of President & Lake Representative

Already November and so many months without activities offered to our members, who nevertheless showed an assiduous interest in some of our projects that we proposed. We had some big and interesting projects this year but the COVID situation upset some of them but not those for our committees of orange safety buoys and yellow buoys against water milfoil.

Rest assured that our directors and many of our members are keen to organize in 2021 our activities that we had planned for this summer.

  • Our monitoring committee for the islands on the Poisson Blanc.
  • Representation in the future management committee of the southern islands by Bowman.
  • Our community CORN ROAST with fundraising.
  • A committee for a hiking trail.
  • A second fishing tournament.
  • Some others proposed by our members.

We invite you to continue your efforts to recruit new members from among your friends, family and acquaintances. Rest assured that in 2021 we want to continue our various projects but with a new outlook.

It is mandatory to hold a membership meeting once a year unfortunately we were expecting a favourable circumstance but we must face the evidence that it is currently illusory to think about it. During our last administrative meeting, it was decided to hold our meeting in videoconferencing mode  with ZOOM.




Those with Internet access will be able to register for the AGM by email. You must indicate your motivation to participate by sending an email to BEFORE NOVEMBER 22. We will send you AFTER, a second confirmation email.

You must indicate your motivation to participate by sending us an email: Contact Us?

You must be a 2020 member to participate (there will be no registration on the day of the AGM).

Here is the internet link to become a member and participate at our AGM: Renew / Join the Association

If you are not sure whether you have paid your dues for 2020, please check if your name is on our 2020 membership list at point # 4

on our website by following this link: Members and Committees

Those who do not have internet access will receive all documentation by regular mail before December 1st. If he (she) wishes to ask questions at the meeting, he (she) should communicate beforehand by leaving a voicemail message at 819-712-1210.

Election to the Board of Directors:
3 or 4 positions are to be filled:

  1. President
  2. Representative for the riparian owners on du Brochet lake
  3. One or two Advisors

These members who have been reappointed to the following positions:

Jeff Parkes:                 Sector Representative: Newton Bay and Water Level Committee
Linda Cornell:           Sector Representative: Bowman
David Orfald:             Sector representative: Newton lake
Gilbert Lafontaine: Finance administration
Carla Monette:          Public relations, Translator and Facebook administrator
Monique Lesage:      Secretary and Head of Memberships

For those you have registered to participate in our virtual AGM in ZOOM:

After November 22, you will receive, by email:

  • The official agenda of the AGM.
  • The list of candidates and, if possible, a summary of their motivation.
  • Your internet link to participate in our virtual AGM.
  • Other information if necessary.


Thursday December 3rd starting at 4 p.m.

  1. Opening of the meeting.
  2. Adoption of the agenda.
  3. Adoption of the minutes of the meeting of May 26, 2019.
  4. Presentation of the 2019-2020 activity report.
  5. Presentation of the 2019-2020 financial statements.
  6. Question period and comments from members.
  7. Presentation of the proposal on the twin budgets for the buoy committees. Voting.
  8. Presentation of the proposal for speed control on the water by the purchase of white buoy (s) with sign. Voting.
  9. Appointment of COORDINATORS: 1) Island Guardian Angels 2) Yellow buoy Committee.
  10. Appointment of an Election President.
  11. Elections to the Board of directors.
  12. Varia:
  13. Adjournment of the Assembly.




819-319-5471   ///   819-923-7305

NEW **** to residents on:

  • Grand-Poisson-Blanc
  • Chemin Clermont
  • Lac du Brochet


Grating (Laneway’s/road’s) Emergency Service Calls

Our mission: Make it gorgeous!

Luc & Lori (L&L)



A final official letter from your president …

As president since 2017 of the “new” small association created in 2014. I have devoted several hours over the past seven years in ensuring that our Association represents its community. Recognized and respected, our organization not only achieved the goals I set for myself, but raised the bar for other associations. However, we have never forgotten our community roots and continue this community tradition. Today, we are a reliable source of information, an active player concerned with the environment (islands, milfoil) and avant-garde according to many.

Over the past four years, I have:

  1. Broadens the base of the Association to represent all users and owners by transforming it from an association of owners in the bay area to a watershed association, thus enabling its growth.
  2. Encouraged that all of our communications be bilingual.
  3. Unite our voices to carry out certain crucial community projects (eg: new Montée Jean-Marc, dam at Lac du Brochet, surveillance of the islands).
  4. Oriented the Association towards environmental protection and respect for the rights of its members.
  5. Increased the participation of members in the management of our Association.
  6. Consulted and updated all our bylaws.
  7. Increased the membership of our members and our visibility with all the owners and users on our watershed.
  8. Represented our community, which was previously ignored due to our lack of visibility and organization, with political authorities to act in improving the well-being of our members.
  9. Increased our income by redefining our goals from our main community activity, The «Corn Roast», to become a fundraiser.
  10. Checked what what being done elsewhere in our region to better lead our association.

I would like someone else to take over as president for 2020, but I would be happy to continue certain functions temporarily until the new president feels at ease to take them over. I am happy to remain as an advisor until the 2021 AGM.

Given our pool of active members, I think now is the time for someone to take the lead, because I have done my part and refocused my priorities. I look forward to a positive response from a director or proactive member for this position.

Thank you for your encouragement since 2017,

Pierre Charlebois

President for 2019

To be president, a member must be elected as a director because they are the ones who can choose the administrator who will become president.



Description of the president’s tasks:

  1. Coordinator of the various committees in order to report to the board of directors.
  2. Ensures that all our communications are bilingual.
  3. Leads the AGM and administrative meetings.
  4. Public relations and media, as needed.
  5. Help in the development of member recruitment strategies.
  6. Consult with the sector representatives and share our annual guidelines.
  7. Accepts information that will be shared on our website and shares information for our Facebook page.
  8. Manage and share lists of members and property owners via the “ROLRIV” software.
  9. Oversees communications by email or other media of the Association.
  10. If necessary, represents the Association with political authorities or is represented by another member of the Council.
  11. Sharing of liaison contacts with other regional organizations (“Regroupement pour la protection de l’eau de la Vallée de la Gatineau”, “Heads of Lake Association of Lac-Sainte-Marie & Gracefield”, COBALI).
  12. As needed, participate in various preliminary meetings of the Association.

Description of the representative’s duties (Lac du Brochet sector):

  1. Represents the interests of riparian members for Lac du Brochet.
  2. Participate in the recruitment of owners living near Lac du Brochet.
  3. Consults its members to find out their concerns through informal meetings, emails or other means.