October 6th 2020

What’s a Blog?

In short, it is the Association’s online journal. Curious ?? Read on!

Have you noticed the improvements in the presentation of our web pages?

These changes were necessary in order to modernize our site in terms of membership payments, online purchases, readability of texts and searches.

THANKS to MATTHEW GIBSON who is our webmaster. Over $ 4000 was donated in time by his company FLEWID for these improvements.

Some members have shown interest in receiving regular emails from our various committees and also on what’s happening in other areas of our community especially since our regular water level forecasts. We will continue on this same momentum.

This was an opportunity for us to rethink our news page that you are reading now. After some discussions I decided to change our formula for this page. From now on, this page will become our BLOG page which means our page of testimonials or opinions about the Association, our community and our relations with our local politicians.

This does not mean that the ASSOCIATION necessarily agree with the opinions that will be shared on this BLOG, but in a democracy EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion which enriches our Association and makes it progress.

If you want to share a testimony (a lived experience) or an opinion (on our community or our Association) you must send it to us by email by following this link: email


To break the ice, as they say, I will be the first to share my testimony on our beginnings in 2014, the progress of our group and my work as president. I will notify you by email when this text is published and so on … so good reading!

Did you see our NEW ONLINE SHOP? Take a look! Just click on this link: SHOP HERE