Lac Poisson Blanc

Including Newton & Brochet lakes

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The biggest lake in our watershed is the Poisson Blanc which consist of 80 wild islands encircled by hills on a 25 km long lake created by the construction of the Cedar dam in 1929. Lake Poisson Blanc is distinguished by its isolated campsites hidden under pine forests and landscapes of striking beauty with a minimum of traces of civilization. Here and there, public hang-outs at sandy beaches invite you to rest and bathe. The water is of a hallucinating clarity. You can see several meters deep! The temptation to jump from its innumerable capes is irresistible.

For about 20 years, canoeists and boaters have taken advantage of its islands to bivouac. But in the past, this practice, carried out in an anarchic way, ended up seriously damaging the islands. “People left their waste there, cut wood and made fires anywhere, sacking the environment,” now we have a Regional Park that encompasses the northern part of the lake to the Mystery island but the southern sector is still unattended. Our association and the regional park make it a duty to protect the beauty of this lake and make it an ecotourism destination for all!

Want to visit lake Poisson Blanc on video?

from Sylvain Gagnon 2017

and some more…

Clip from Gabriel Tétreault (Winter camping): click here

Clip from One Day One Travel: click here

Clip from the Regional Park Poisson Blanc: click here

This year, will be celebrating our 5st year of existence with big changes!

Who are we?

We are a group of volunteer property owners, cottagers and other lake users from all walks of life together in a ASSOCIATION that …

     Consider the lake as a living ecosystem;
     Respect the lake by adopting appropriate behaviours;
     Demonstrate civility towards other users and residents.

What do we do?

  • Make your opinion heard by municipal authorities;
  • Promoting community activities of the Association to know your neighbours;
  • We share local information with you;
  • We make you aware of topics of common and environmental interest;
  • We strongly encourage networking with other associations, organizations, municipalities and private entrepreneurs;
  • Resolutions of problems of common interests.
  • We find ways to better protect the environment of our lake.

We are committed in building here a stronger community by helping our neighbours. Your contribution helps everyone.

Let your voice be heard !

Get to know your neighbours!

Some accomplishments:

  • Buoy committee;
  • Improved road signage (speed limits, information signs);
  • Awareness raising in environmental concerns and neighbourhood issues;
  • Organization of community activities;
  • Water quality testing;
  • Volunteers for cleaning some neglected sites on certain islands;
  • Addressing quality of life issues in the Bowman and Newton Bay areas (access roads, boat launch, privacy);
  • Access to winter trails past the wooden bridge on ch Grand-Poisson-Blanc;
  • All season access to the Trans-Outaouais;
  • Better cellular coverage.
  • Awareness of the preservation of our shoreline;
  • Website full of practical information;
  • Spring newsletter for our members;
  • Fishing tournament;
  • Representation of your rights with local organizations.
  • Networking

We are networking with :

  • Municipalities of Lac-Sainte-Marie, Bowman, Denholm & Notre-Dame-de-Laus
  • COBALI & the «Regroupement pour la protection de l’eau de la vallée de la Gatineau»
  • The Poisson Blanc Regional Park