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A little appetizer …

More than 80 wild islands encircled by hills on a 25 km long lake created by the construction of the Cedar dam in 1929. Our lake is distinguished by its isolated campsites hidden under pine forests, beaches to bathe in pure water and landscapes of striking beauty. The lake Poisson Blanc deserves to be your getaway in summer or in winter.

Reefs, cliffs and hills constitute an enchanting scenery while paddling, with a minimum of traces of civilization. Here and there, public hang-outs at sandy beaches invite you to rest and bathe. The water is of a hallucinating clarity. You can see several meters deep! The temptation to jump from its innumerable capes is irresistible. You need to take a break? Walk on short paths leading to spectacular views.

Prepare your fishing equipment as our lake is known for its variety of fishs. We have heard several stories of people who waited for hours until the last minute and just at that moment the catch of the century.

Around our lake, full of activities to occupy your summer days: mountain biking at Mont Sainte Marie, trecking at the Bowman Forest Regional Park or on the Denholm Fall Trail or a round of golf at LSM. Need a facilitator or guide? Contact the Air Eau Bois Open Air Base or the Poisson Blanc Regional Park located in Notre Dame de Laus. In winter, you can ski or practice snowboarding at Mont Sainte Marie and let yourself be conducted by dogs from Ferme l’Aventure or another dog sleeding company. We have several snowmobile trails maintained by some of our members and also on the TransOutaouaise which is maintained by the municipality of Denholm.

The attraction of the Poisson Blanc reservoir is not new. For about 20 years, canoeists and boaters have taken advantage of its islands to bivouac. But in the past, this practice, carried out in an anarchic way, ended up seriously damaging the islands. “People left their waste there, cut wood and made fires anywhere, sacking the environment,” now we have a Regional Park that encompasses the northern part of the lake to the Mystery island but the southern sector is still unattended. Our association and the regional park make it a duty to protect the beauty of this lake and make it an ecotouristic destination for all!

Take a look at our lake on video:

Clip from the Regional Park Poisson Blanc:


Clip from Sylvain Gagnon 2016:


Now let’s protect lake Poisson Blanc and its community.

Who are we?

Our group consists of volunteer property owners, cottagers and other lake users from all walks of life forming a association built on solidarity and partnerships.

What do we do?

We promote the healthy use of Lac Poisson Blanc, its waters, its shoreline and its environment as well as watch over the interests, rights and privileges of our members.

How do we do it?

First of all, we share verified information with you. We raise awareness on current issues. We create partnerships with other associations and municipalities. We are active partners with COBALI and the Regroupement pour la protection de l’eau de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau [Coalition for water protection] and more.

Why join?

We welcome you to be part of the driving force protecting you and your lake. Let your voice be heard ! Get to know your neighbours.

What have we done for our members?

– Buoy committee for safer navigation

– New and improved road signage (speed limits, informaion signs)

– Awareness raising of environmental concerns (no wake signs, shoreline and invasive plants or other)

Water quality testing

Orphan Campsites volonteer maintenance

– Addressing quality of life issues in the Bowman and Newton Bay areas (access roads, boat launch, privacy)

– Access to winter trails via the wooden bridge on ch Grand-Poisson-Blanc

– Access to the TransOutaouais during the winter months (project is under way)

– Better cellular coverage for those with Bell and its affiliates

Some of our activities

– Our annual neighbourhood gathering (Corn Roast)- Fishing tournament – Information booths – Networking

Community spirit Cooperation Partnership Solidarity Transparency

We are working with :



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