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Frequent questions we received:




Could you explain to me the difference between the associations that exist in the southern portion of the lake?

The answer is provided by Ronald Thomas who is the founding member of the « Association des Propriétaires de la Baie Newton »…

Several people ask me if it is really necessary to have three local associations. In order to answer this question we have to to identify them and know their different roles.

There are three different local associations in the southern portion of our lake

1- L’A.B.V. du Poisson-Blanc which is the Association of the lakes in the watershed of lake Poisson Blanc;
2- Newton Bay Association (Association de la baie Newton);
3- L’Association des propriétaires de la baie Newton (“The Newton Bay Owners Association”)

The « A.B.V. du Poisson-Blanc » or the Association of the Poisson Blanc Watershed

This association is for the owners of Newton Bay but also for all the owners in the watershed of Lac du Poisson-Blanc, from Notre-Dame-du-Laus to Bowman, including also, users of the lake. It is a lake association as there are hundreds in Quebec that seeks to protect and defend the interests of its members while ensuring that the fauna and ecology of the lake are protected. The association aims is to promote self-help partnerships between all users of Lac du Poisson-Blanc. As such, she is called upon to represent you at the municipalities, governments of various levels and organizations such as COBALI and the « Regroupement pour la protection de l’eau de la vallée de la Gatineau » (Gatineau Valley Conservation Group).

The « A.B.V. du Poisson-Blanc » defines its action among other things by its committees of volunteer members such as:

  • The Buoy Committee
  • The Social Events Committee
  • The Environment Committee
  • Vandalized Isles Committee
  • Other committees (ex: photos)

The Newton Bay Association:

This association is a grouping of owners of a parking lot with a wharf in Newton Bay. The land in question is accessible by the Chemin du Grand Poisson-Blanc. Indeed, several long – standing properties scattered around the bay also have a joint ownership on this parking lot, given that not long ago there was no road access, the owners use a boat to get to their property. The role of this association is therefore the management and operation of this parking lot.

The « Association des Propriétaires de la Baie Newton » or the Newton Bay Owners Association:

The purpose of the APBN is to promote improved road access for the Newton Bay properties south, east and north of the bay. (Owners west of the bay and by the Gatineau creek are served by the Chemin du Grand Poisson-Blanc open and maintained year-round). Currently the founders of this association have decided to put the legal registration process on hold and join forces with the « A.B.V. du Poisson-Blanc »  to promote the need to improve access to various government bodies. This association is waiting to see the upcoming developments and the proposals from the MRC and the municipality of Lac Sainte Marie on the subject.
The founders will follow up the process of legal foundation of this association only if it is required as a  proposed improvement by the MRC and the Municipality. For example, if the solution chosen requires the recurrent collection of funds from the owners or the receipt of municipal subsidies (return of taxes) devoted to the management and maintenance of current or future road accesses.
In its current form, APBN serves as a means of information and networking among the concerned owners via its Facebook site.

In conclusion….

There is therefore no competition between these three associations and depending on the location of your property you may well have interests with each of them. However, it is true that there is one association among these three which plays the role of common denominator and it is the « AP du lac Poisson-Blanc » (Association of Owners of the Lac du Poisson-Blanc). Whether it’s for environmental, ecology, water-related issues, water safety, peace of mind, water quality, for a variety of reasons, we all have an interest in this association be strong and representative.

I don’t have access to my property by road in the LSM sector.

Maybe the Newton Bay Association Inc. could help! Not to get confuse, this is not the «A.B.V. du Poisson Blanc». You can contact them by mail only so send them your request or questions to: Newton Bay Association Inc, 30 ch Kelly Newton, Lac-Sainte-Marie, Québec J0X 1Z0

At the southern end of the lake. Do you know of any parking lots/areas where we can park our cars for a couple of days while camping ?

At the end of chemin Grand-Poisson-Blanc there is a space on the left of the road towards lac Vert immediately after the wooden bridge.  Sometimes people park further, about 40 meters, where there use to be an intersection. There is a parking area for lac Vert further down that dirt road which is no longer maintained by the municipality. In the end of Newton bay (via the Trans-Outaouais and Montée Jean-Marc East) there is a municipal boat launch with parking spaces. Finally, in the Bowman sector, there is a descent with long-term parking which is managed by the Air-Eau-Bois outdoor center 819-457-4040. PLEASE BEFORE LEAVING, CHECK ON OUR POSTS OR WITH THE MUNICIPALITY ON THE CURRENT SITUATION ON THE ISLANDS CONCERNING OPEN PIT FIRES!

I was recently at a beach in the Gatineau Park and was warned about the cercaria larva that have been causing swimmer’s itch in that area. Do you any information regarding swimmer’s itch on the lake ?

As far as we are aware, we have not heard of swimmer’s itch in Lac Poisson Blanc. We don’t seem to have had any troubles other than the horse and deer flies that love wet tender flesh.

We are a group of approximately 8 people hoping for a camp outing. Is Lac Poisson Blanc a good site for our needs ?

Unfortunately, we as a association have no such facilities available. You may contact the Poisson Blanc Regional Park (1-866-707-2999) or click: which is responsible of renting camping sites on the islands.

I used to camp on your lake but have heard that we are no longer allowed to camp freely on the islands, could you please clarify this for me ?

As the natural environment on the islands was degrading and also because of vandalism on different sites the Poisson Blanc Regional Park was created. They are the one who manages the different camping sites in the northern section of our lake. All mark camping sites have to be reserved and paid in advance now. There is some free camping sites in the southern portion of the lake used by the “Base de plein air Air-Eau-Bois” and some that are monitored by our members (in orange).

Is there Internet access available at the lake ?

Yes, but you have to use a satellite dish. Many of the residents are using «Xplornet» as their internet provider. Cellular services are reliable if you are with Bell or its affiliates.

Where is the place on the lake where there are sand beaches ?

Yes, if you look on a map of the lake and you will see a place name the Sandbar. It is just after l’île Verte (Green Island).

How do we access the lake if we have a motor boat ?


There are four places where you can launch your boat on the lake:

1) Public boat launch with parking ($) in the municipality of Bowman (just follow «Base de plein-air AIR-EAU-BOIS» signs and you will see indications);

2) Public boat launch (with parking) via the Trans-Outaouaisat & by ch de la Solitude/Montée Jean-Marc. Some people complain that it is complicated to take your boat in or out;

3) Public boat launch at lac Campion in the municipality of Notre-Dame-de-Laus also at the Parc régional Poisson Blanc site;

4) Some residents or cottage owners have there own boat launch.

What is the purpose of this sign ?


It tells you that the owner of that property has erosion problems cause by waves. Please keep away or control your waves while passing by.

Could you suggest to me where to go for fishing ?

Everybody has his secret spot so it’s a SECRET but this map could help you…

Is there seeding in lake Poisson Blanc?

Yes the Québec gouverment proceeded with seeding and the fertilization of spawner eggs from Pope Lake. However, in 2017 we carried out the harvesting and artificial fertilization with the trout stock of the lake Poisson Blanc

For the next few years we plan to make lake trout seeding to keep the stock in better condition given the hardships of the population. However, the size limit remains the same: the lake trout should be less than 55 centimetres.

With respect to Ouananiche, it is completely inappropriate to introduce this species given the negative interactions with lake trout, which is a native population in the water body. The project is also doomed to failure due to the presence of walleye, which uses the same spawning habitat as the ouananiche. Therefore, it is prohibited to do this type of seeding under section 14 of the Aquaculture and fish sales regulations of the Wildlife Conservation and Development Act: the species of fish that one would like to conserve must already be present in the lake.

At Newton lake the property owners didn’t want seeding since they didn’t want any unwelcome visitors on their lake.