About us

Our Association was incorporated in 2014

Our Mandate:

To see to the environment’s protection and the quality of life of it’s members around the lake and its watershed;

Ensure a monitoring role over the quality of the bodies of water and the underground water located in our watershed;

Promote partnerships between all users of our watershed who share our community values;

To protect and defend the interests of its Members.

2019 Association Heads:

The  administrators of our Board are elected for one year.

Pierre Charlebois (President)

Jeff Parkes (Representative for: Newton Bay)

Linda Cornell ( Representative for : Bowman area)

David Orfald ( Representative for : Newton lake)

Benoît Sirois ( Representative for : Lac du Brochet)

Gilbert Lafontaine ( Finance)

Carla Monette (Translator, Administration & public relations and Facebook Administrator)

Marcel Prévost (Advisor)

Diane Faucher (Secreterial help)

Monique Lesage (Secreterial help)

Want to send a email to the Association or your representative ?


Here are the email addresses of your representatives. Write to them if you want information or have a problem… but don’t forget we are all volunteers in our executive board …

Postal Address:

512 chemin Grand-Poisson-Blanc,
Lac Ste-Marie, Qc
J0X 1Z0

Membership fees:

Our membership is open to all that respect our Code of Ethics: https://lacpoissonblanc.ca/code-of-ethics/

$ 25.00

Email address:


Our administrative rules:

Our committees coordinators :

Official photographers for our events

Erin Gibson & Diane Faucher

Buoy Committee

The coordinator is: Margaret Robinson

Corn Roast Committee:

The coordinator is: ?

Community Committee

The coordinator is: ?

Environment Committee

The coordinator is: Pierre Charlebois

Recruitment and Publicity Committee

The coordinator is: ?

History and Photos Committee

The coordinator is: Carla Monette

Island Monitoring

The coordinator is: Ray Thibodeau

Community Surveillance Program
volonteer: ?

Fishing Tournament Committee

This committee is presently inactive

Our Facebook page is administrated by Carla Monette

Our website is administrated by Pierre Charlebois and…

Matthew Gibson is our Webmaster