About us

Our Association was incorporated in 2014

Our Mandate:

To see that the ecology of our environment is protected

Ensure a monitoring role over the quality of the bodies of water and the underground water located in our watershed

Promote partnerships between all users of our watershed who share our community values

Protect and defend the interests of its members.

2021 Association Heads:

The  Board of administrators are elected for one year.

  • President: Vacant

  • Newton Bay representative: JEFF PARKES

  • Bowman sector representative: LINDA CORNELL

  • Newton lake representative : DAVID ORFALD

  • Du Brochet lake representative: MONIQUE LESAGE

  • Finance Administrator: GILBERT LAFONTAINE

  • Facebook Administrator & Advisor: CARLA MONETTE
  • Secretarial & Membership Administrator: MONIQUE LESAGE

  • Advisor & Coordinator: PIERRE CHARLEBOIS

Want to send a email to the Association or to your representative ?

General email: HERE

Email addresses of your representatives. Write to them if you want information or if you have a problem… but don’t forget we are all volunteers in our executive board …

Postal Address:

512 chemin Grand-Poisson-Blanc,
Lac Ste-Marie, Qc
J0X 1Z0

Membership fees:

Our membership is open to all that respect our Code of Ethics: https://lacpoissonblanc.ca/code-of-ethics/

$ 25.00 / per person

Email address: abv.poissonblanc@gmail.com

Our administrative rules: Association Administration rules_2019_EN

Committee Coordinators :

Official photographers for our events: Erin Gibson & Diane Faucher

Buoy Committee: RED (nautical security) buoys: Margaret Robinson, YELLOW (milfoil) & WHITE (speeding) buoys: Jeff Parkes

Community Corn Roast Committee: Vacant

History Committee: Carla Monette

Community Surveillance Program: Grand-Poisson-Blanc Road: Carla and Pierre, Bowman: Linda, Montée Jean-Marc: ?, Clermont/Lafontaine Roads: ?

Fishing Tournament Committee: Vacant

Facebook page: Carla Monette

Our website & general emails: Pierre Charlebois

Matthew Gibson is our Webmaster