Happy holidays everyone…

Here are the latest news from our lake!

Our president participated in the latest consultation by COBALI on the 28 of November in Mont-Laurier. We have ask COBALI to suggest solutions to better manage the Bowman boat launch on our lake. We also learned that our reservoir, lake Poisson Blanc, might be at full capacity several times in the next years because of climate change. More rain, so to prevent flooding in the populated areas we must accept that our water levels will fluctuate during three seasons… usually during the winter months the reservoir level will be low. Not much we can do about it so be prepare!

Lac-Sainte-Marie property owners should receive a letter concerning waste management and recycling policies.

Please read this bilingual document with more details: Avis changement règlement cueillete

Your new bins are at the entrance of your property. It would be wise to move them so not the attract mischief on your property.


Good positive news from the election!

We have a new mayor, PIERRE LABONTÉ, and new councillors (including GASTON DONOVAN) with a more positive attitude towards the environment in general. We hope that their election will help to resolve the many issues including the management of this sector by the «Base de plein-air Air-Eau-Bois». Éric has maintained a contact with the General Director of the municipality so we should have some news in springtime.

Here are three information signs that are going to be installed soon:

Want to know more about the municipality, click on this link: http://www.bowman.ca/#contn


Everything seems to be going forward towards the construction of the new «Montée Jean-Marc» that will be maintained year long. This road will link ch Grand-Poisson-Blanc to the TransOutaouais that will be uplifted.

Here is the latest letter that was send to the «Association des propriétaires de la baie Newton»:

« Here is some information about the Montée Jean-Marc refurbishment project:

We met all the owners located upstream of the MRC’s residential development located in Newton Bay (Grand Lac Poisson-Blanc). We spoke with the owners of the montée Jean-Marc to explain the situation. Some of them are not happy about a municipal road in their area.
Nevertheless, they understand and do not wish to hinder progress.
We have a contractor who estimated repair costs at + or $ 340,000, plus applicable taxes. The goal is to have an “acceptable” way to be used year-round and not a path that would be consistent with standards governed by Quebec civil engineers or their estimate would exceed $ 1 million.
Note that if we need to use 1st class excavation (blasting), if we need to have the survey of the road (technical description), if we need to pay for transit compensations on private land, these expenses are in surplus.The total length of the path is 6.95 km. A length of 4.69 km is on the rise Jean-Marc and a length 2.26 km on the way of the Solitude. Included in this estimate, the construction of a new section on 875 meters to bypass a private property.

The financing method for this project is a borrowing by-law over a period of 20 years, at the expense of the taxpayers concerned (area tax or local improvement tax). Currently we have a total of 42 evaluation units, excluding the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau RCM. However, if the RCM can agree to participate, according to Mr. Lauzon a total of 22 to 25 evaluation units would be added to the list.

The imposition mode we can use is variable. We can tax on the taxable real estate wealth, or on the surface of the grounds, or on the frontage of the lands, or on a taxation according to a tariff / unit of evaluation. (EXAMPLE: an expense of $ 390,915.00, less 100% of the GST, less 50% of the QST = $ 356,957.50 X an average rate of 0.076688 = $ 27,442.89 / year, therefore $ 27,442.89 / per 67 assessment = $ 409.50 / assessment unit / year)

This were we are presently.


Yvon Blanchard

General manager
Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie
Phone: 819-467-5437
Fax: 819-467-3691 »

BUT, all this depends on the results of the consultation that will be done some time in early 2018. We, presently, dont know who will be consulted for this project to go forward. More news in our SPRING NEWSLETTER from Carla.

THANK YOU to Denholm and LSM for the maintenance of the TransOutaouais. But users must be careful for big trucks etc since the Paugan road (link to the 105 in Low)  is close till next summer probably.

We wish all the best to our mayors of Denholm (GAÉTAN GUINDON) and LSM (GARY LACHAPELLE) who were reelected. We are hoping that they will participate in our next annual Corn&Roast. We also welcome our new councillors in LSM: CHARLIE-ANN DUBEAU and LOUISE ROBERT (they know our area quite well) and RICHARD POIRIER and PAUL BROUILLARD.

Want to know more about Denholm, click on this link: http://denholm.ca/index.php/en/ 

To know more about Lac-Sainte-Marie, click on this link: http://www.lac-sainte-marie.com/home.php

We submitted our new metal sign (that will be installed near Konstantinos cottage next year) to the municipality of LSM to receive some funding since the total cost will be around $500.


The new dangerous curb signs are up but one had to be reajusted because it was to close to the road.

Our new vice president David will probably propose some projects in our next spring newsletter.

Dont know what activities to do or want to organize something special for your friends???

The «Base de plein-air Air-Eau-Bois» could help you. They offer, with a guide: snow showing, cross-country skiing, hockey, skating, nightime activities and much more. Interested in knowing more?

Please follow this link (in french): http://www.aireaubois.com/fr/vacances-familles

That’s it for now but…

if you want to read the latest news please go to our Association Facebook page (LAC POISSON BLANC) managed by Carla.



Here are our wishes from last year:

We ask Santa in 2017…

  1. Two new road signs to indicate the roads: «chemin de la Solitude» and «Montée Jean-Marc EST»….. DONE!
  2. Adding some new «dead end» signs  so our friends wont get lost thinking there are driving on chemin de la Solitude…. DONE!
  3. That the municipality of LSM doesn’t forget to install the remaining three speed limit signs on ch Grand-Poisson-Blanc. DONE! (got one more)
  4. That next year at this time we will know which road project the municipality of LSM will support for our members on ch de la Solitude…. DONE!
  5. That the water quality of our lake remains good. That every user of the lake respects the other users…. ALMOST DONE!
  6. That the municipality help us in installing some new road signs for the security of our members. WE JUST SEND OUR REQUEST!
  7. For a permament and GOOD solution for all our members living near the boat launch in the Bowman sector. ALMOST DONE!
  8. For your help in convincing all the owners and lovers of lac Poisson Blanc in joining us! ALMOST DONE! (we are now 83 association members)

Dear Santa!

We are a small association of devoted people working together to protect our lake and the rights of its members. We have been good this year! We had volonteers to clean up some camping sites (thank you Jean, Denise, Max, Sherry, Chris, Maxime and Ray) . We had a member (thank you Mark) that organised our first fishing tournament. We now have a new vice-president for Newton Lake (thank you David) We have installed and maintained buoys for the security of all users on the lake (thank you Margaret, George, Jean and Gilles). We had fun at our CornRoast (thank you Carla, Butch, Jan, Fraser, Marcel, Erin, Diane, Jonathan, Mylène and most of all our musical group SOP «Socks Over Pants»). We had a new dock installed in Bowman to help their users. The «Base de plein-air Air-Eau-Bois» has prepared some new signs to be installed at the boat launch (thank you Antoine). We have convince the municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie and Denholm of the importance of better maintenance of the TransOutaouais Rd and, for LSM, for a permanent solution for our members on ch de la Solitude by the construction of the new Montée Jean-Marc. Finally, we have help some members who were experiencing squatters near their property.

So now are our wishes to Santa for the coming year:

  1. A positive result in the consultation that be held in the springtime for the construction of the new «Montée Jean-Marc» so that this project can go forward.
  2. Some more positive actions from the municipality of Bowman and the «Base de plein-air Air-Eau-Bois» to better manage the boat launch.
  3. Some positive signs from Bowman to complete the regional conservation park of lac Poisson Blanc.
  4. Add one or two more social activities for our members.
  5. That Mark will be interested in organising our next fishing tournament.
  6. That our new sign, that we want to install at the entrance of Newton Bay, will be financed by LSM.
  7. That our favorite musical group «SOP» will accept to entertain us again.
  8. That we find more volonteers for our continuing projects (camping, water testing, activities …)
  9. Finally, to convince all the owners and lovers of lac Poisson Blanc and Newton lake in joining our association.

On behalf of the Association we wish everyone HAPPY 2018 !

Pierre, Carla, Gilbert, David, Ron, Éric & Ronald

Any suggestions or projects for the coming year send them here: lacpoissonblanc@xplornet.com