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The municipality of Bowman has been receptive to the grievances of our vice president, Éric Légaré.

The municipality installed a new landing dock to help with the congestion on the descent. Ron told us that he noticed some improvement. In addition, we received a direct phone number for the SQ if there was a lack of tranquility in the area.

In March 2017, Eric had received these comments from the Municipality of Bowman:

«The Municipality is well aware that our area is important and are ready to work with us. Our file is a regular topic of council discussion. Some members of the board are users of our lake so are well aware of our situation and understand us in our steps. Still, according to the Bowman Municipality, it will help us to define the situation and try to develop a plan to make changes / solutions. Mr. Bergeron informed Eric that they had a plan in place and we were part of it. We were also told that the Municipality would have grants and that it intended to use a part of it for our area. The first step is the revision of the memorandum of understanding with the « Base de plein-air Air Eau Bois. »

The Municipality was planning to meet AEB during the month of March 2017 and we would then arrange for a meeting. However, because of the municipal elections, everything was put on hold.

At last news, Antoine, administrative director of the «Base de plein-air Air-Eau-Bois»  should install, the new artistic signs, for the boaters and another to encourage the prewashing of boats for our visitors.

Unfortunately, we have learned of Eric’s resignation as vice-president of the Bowman sector for personal reasons.

The Executive team would like to thank him very much for all the free hours of work he has done for our members over the past two years. Because of him, our members can today enjoy a new dock and better waste management in their area.

Our president thinks he has found a member interested in representing you as vice-president starting in May or before.

We were preparing a letter to put the process in motion again with the new council and to explain the current situation to the new mayor, Pierre Labonté and the new councilors.

More information about our actions in 2018, in our next newsletter to our members.


Last item, Pierre will contact the «Sécurité du Québec» concerning 2018 procedures for boat security in the southern portion of our lake.