Becoming a Member


Be a MEMBER! The more we are stronger is our voice!

Any questions ask us: HERE

Some benefits that come from your membership:

  • Be heard!
  • Be part of the community: Opportunities to talk and get to know your neighbours
  • Access to some association items (Games, tables…)
  • The power of a recognized organization
  • Information sharing: our members are among the first to know about events involving their lake and their community
  • Participation in social events
  • Volunteering in environmental issues
  • Help solving community issues.

YOU want to get involved by joining us as a MEMBER?

Please follow this link for your registration and payment: click here

DON’T WANT to be a member but wish to help financially?

  1. Add this SIMPLE QUESTION: What the name of the big lake? With a ONE WORD answer: poissonblanc
  2. Send us your INTERAC donation threw our email address:
  3. Or sign a check, mark it as a donation and send it to our usual mailing address at the end of this page.