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The information on this page is the most up-to-date information we have as of March-30. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

We are ask not to travel anywhere in Québec only essential trips. Cottagers arriving here must stock up before leaving and go into voluntary confinement. Take precautions when going out (distance 2 meters don’t go inside homes). Same rule applies to residents.

Precautions to Take, for Your Mental Health:

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Municipal Emergency Services:

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  • Lac-Sainte-Marie:
  • Bowman (french):
  • Notre-Dame-de-Laus (french):
  • Denholm: For our members in the Bowman area on Poisson Blanc. The municipality has accepted residents living in your area to be part on the EMERGENCY CALLING SYSTEM: The Municipality of Denholm can notify its residents almost in real time in the event of an emergency. Citizens wishing to do so can be alerted by cell phone or landline in the event of a public interest event. To take advantage of the service, you must click on my file at the top right of the page to update your contact details. If a citizen does not have access to the internet, we invite them to register with the municipality now with Marie-France at 819-457-2992 ext. 202.

Emergency Measures in Québec:

All grocery stores will be closed every Sunday in April. To give a rest to workers Only open on Sundays: gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, and take out orders from restaurants

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Your lake. Your lifestyle. Your legacy.

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Shelter in Place: Safety First

If you are a snowbird, or otherwise returning from travel abroad, Health Canada expects you to self-isolate for 14 days. Information is available online here:

Health Canada COVID-19 Information.

What if you own property in two places, and want to relocate from one to the other, such as to shelter in place at your cottage? FOCA has heard from many members, partners, and municipal contacts over the past days about this issue. Many are concerned that any transiting increases the chance for spread of illness. Presently, the rule is NOT TO TRAVEL from one city to another, one region to another or one province to another.

FOCA reminds members that our rural communities have reduced capacity to accommodate sudden changes in supply demands. Many of us wouldn’t ordinarily open the cottage until nearer to the May long weekend. As we already know from our local grocery experiences, parts of the supply chain are under strain. Additionally, rural hospitals have limited capacity and resources, and you should consider where your health needs can best be met, in an emergency.

If you do relocate to your lakehouse or cottage (or are there already), FOCA suggests the following:

  • Connect with your association. As always, these are the people who know your waterfront area best!
  • Provision yourself for several weeks (with food, drinks, gas, hardware supplies, prescriptions) before leaving your city, so that you will not need to make stops along the way. This is not the time for our usual credo to “buy local” in cottage country. As you would do anywhere at this time, should you urgently need anything from a retailer or pharmacy you should call ahead to see if there are options for safe pickup or delivery.
  • Continue to follow all the principles of social distancing at the cottage! Although cottage country is usually the place for relaxed rules, that cannot be the case anywhere for the foreseeable future. Cottages are often the gathering places for multiple households in an extended family; for now, and possibly for some time to come, that could put everyone at risk. Do not invite people to your cottage or lakehouse
  • Develop an exit plan with immediate family, in case you develop any indications of illness while at your waterfront property.
  • As the clock slows down on our usually hectic schedules, use this time to enjoy nature, cook, read, sing, dance, nap and dream about dock-jumping time to come.

Want to help during this crisis?



More and more walking on our roads… please be careful!


Given this difficult period that we are living together, I ask you to renew or to join by electronic means or by post. We are not sure that we will have opportunities to have registration booths.

DON’T FORGET, that being a member has an advantage for you!

  • By registering, you are sharing your contact details to us and therefore we can communicate with you if there is an emergency, as is currently the case.
  • You have access to our informative and community emails.
  • You are helping us financially in the purchase of buoys and other environmental measures.

To become a member or renew your 2020 membership follow this link:

The Successes of our Members during this Exceptional Period:

Please share the good things our members are doing during our voluntary isolation by email.

Our email address:

  • Lori Bennett, one of our members in the NEWTON LAKE sector, has distributed a little treat to all the owners of the Grand-Poisson-Blanc road. THANK YOU!
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News from your Board of Directors:

WARNING…. following the proclamation of health emergency measures and after discussion with your Board of Directors we voted unanimously:

  1. To cancel the sale of t-shirts for this year. We had to pay $ 500 for this purchase and the risk was too great for a manufacturing deficit and delay. In addition, the sales opportunities are uncertain. THANKS to CARLA MONETTE and MATTHEW GIBSON for their time creating the pattern. Don’t worry, they will be available in 2021.
  2. Jeff Parkes and Matthew Gibson will be responsible for promoting and selling a nice poster of our watershed. Details to come.
  3. To cancel our GENERAL ASSEMBLY (AGM) which was scheduled for May. There is no guarantee that the situation will have returned to normal by this date. All the directors are reappointed for another year. Our financial results will be published on our website pending approval in 2021. Therefore, I humbly remain your president and will try to promote our various committees including those for invasive plants and the surveillance of the Poisson Blanc islands. We already have 8 yellow buoys in our possession and would like to organize a invasive plants committee similar to Margaret’s. Details to come by email or FACEBOOK. It is hoped that the municipality of LSM will participate financially in the purchase of explanatory posters for the yellow buoys. WE GREATLY HOPE that member volunteering will increase.
  4. To cancel our meetings with the general managers of Bowman and Lac-Sainte-Marie. However, we will prepare a detailed letter for them that we will share with you.
  5. We will decide in June on our CORN ROAST in August while checking the availability of our musical group.

Our Committees are in Urgent Need of Volunteers!

Since the majority of our communications will be by electronic means, we are not sure how much volunteers we will have for our new committees. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS MEMBER you should also be interested in giving some of your time to relieve our other volunteers but above all to help preserve our lakes intact. Please get involved, it takes no more than an hour of your time annually!

  • Our committee for the Poisson Blanc islands needs volunteers or we have to dissolve it.
  • Our invasive plant buoy committee has only two volunteers. We can’t do much if we don’t have more volunteers.
  • Our committee for the old growth forest walking trail on Montée Jean-Marc has no volunteers at this time.

News from your community:

From your President:

Concerning the letter from the MRC to all visitors outside our region…

Sadly, I have friends on both sides of this issue, and I understand the frustrations of certain members. But in times of crisis, we must accept certain sacrifices. Me and others here are living in quarantine and are ask not to welcome visitors inside our home etc.

True, around Newton Bay and the lake it was very quiet. Most of us, here, didn’t have friends or family gathering in their home or cottage but… elsewhere in the Gatineau Valley it wasn’t the same story. There were many complaints by residents that many cottagers didn’t respect the distancing rule neither the voluntary confinement rule saying that they didn’t hear about the confinement rule. We also, as residents, are ask not to travel to other regions in Québec or elsewhere…. Ex: Montréal. This is for your safety and others you would encounter on your way up to your cottage .

Don’t forget the measures are temporary and not political. I understand the point of view of the MRC, at this time it is spreading fast and we cannot take the risk of some bad cottagers not respecting the rules spreading the disease. We shall overcome this by staying united and helping one and the other. By the way, please share your moments and activities here by sending us a email or by posting them on our Facebook page.


Everyone is a little sensitive these days… It’s important we exercise understanding, common sense and respect… Many communities are experiencing challenges similar to ours. Overall, everything and everyone is under strain right now… It doesn’t matter what side of what border we’re on, or whether we’re a resident, vacationer, cottager… At the end of the day, we’re facing a worldwide health threat; we need to adjust, hunker down and limit travel in order to limit its spread. It’s that simple. Let’s not divide over Covid, but unite and strengthen our resolve to beat it by not spreading it. 🙂



LINDA your representative is back from her trip to Thailand and is in isolation. We are happy that everything went well for her despite the inconvenience of the return. As mentioned above, we are not planning a meeting at this time, but rather sending of a letter to the new General Director Daisy Constantineau (formerly of Notre-Dame-de-Laus). The Outdoor Base is currently closed until further notice, but trails are open in Denholm.

Questions or comments:


Nothing new but hoping that among our members someone will offer to become a representative of this sector. Since our Emergency Committee has been dissolved until further notice, I will get information from the responsible person about the situation with the water level at the Cèdres dam.


Benoît, your representative is back from his trip to Costa Rica and is currently in isolation. All seem good despite their hasty return. Monique is doing a tremendous job of raising the money necessary for the continuation of the water level control project … more details in our spring newsletter.

Questions or comments:


Nothing new in this sector. A fine example of community life.

Questions or comments:


  • Our financial administrator, Gilbert Lafontaine is again a grandpa… congratulations. A new potential member in a few years we hope.
  • LEVEL OF THE WATER: Jeff, after having researched with the members of his committee (Margaret, Darell, JoAnne and Larry) sent a very detailed letter to Hydro-Québec explaining the situation experienced by the owners of the bay in relation to the level of the water especially in September. We are expecting a response in a while.

Original version which was translated, please click here:

  • Concerning our invasive plants, we have the yellow buoys but only 2 interested volunteers. I hope we can increase this number.
  • Concerning the reconstruction of Montée Jean-Marc: 2020-03-094 Acquisition of land between the Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie and the Eastview Hunters and Fishermen’s Association for the rehabilitation of the Montée Jean-Marc, following the negotiations between the parties for the rehabilitation of the road. ADOPTED TO UNANIMITY – 2020-03-095 To mandate Me Amélie Boutin-Renaud, OF the SME firm INTER Notaires Vallée-de-la-Gatineau Inc., to write 5 promises to purchase $1,200.00, plus applicable taxes, relating to the acquisition of land in the case of the Montée Jean-Marc. ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY. Further information after the response of the General Manager Yvon Blanchard to our letter.

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Check back here often as we will update our news regularly till the end of the pandemic.

Let’s be in solidarity with each other despite our loneliness. Share the info, not the virus!