SUMMARY: 1 Municipal Elections 2 AGM and Membership 3 Community Activities 4 Our 2021 Stars

Your journalist: Pierre Charlebois



On November 07, 2021, there will be municipal elections and the election of the warden in the MRC Vallée de la Gatineau

If you are non-permanent resident:

If you are not domiciled on the territory of the Municipality and you are the owner or occupant of a chalet or other building since September 1, 2020, you had to request your registration on the electoral list by completing the approved form and which had to be returned before October 3, 2021. You must verify your registration on the list of electors which will be available on October 8 at your municipality.

For the election of the warden in the Gatineau Valley you must complete the appropriate form on the MRC website, click here

If you are a resident:

If you have been domiciled since March 1, 2021 on the territory of the Municipality and you own or occupy a chalet or other building, you must verify your registration on the electoral list which will be available on October 8. at your municipal office.


Many of our members complained about the lack of consideration of our municipalities (LSM, NDL and Bowman) in relation to our concerns. This year we have two members running for municipal elections, a first for us and I hope you will exercise your right to vote so that our concerns are heard in our municipal councils.

As of October 4, I have not heard from our area for the Municipality of Bowman. Follow this link for the latest developments: click here

However in Lac-Sainte-Marie and Notre-Dame-de-Laus it is the opposite.


Cheryl Sage-Christenson was acclaimed MAYOR.

My personal opinion of this person is excellent because I worked with her for three years on a municipal committee. She is a person of integrity from the business community who has been a councillor for several years and therefore knows municipal administration well.

There is something new …


a resident of Clermont Road and member of our Association is running against Charlie-Anne Dubeau and Denise Soucy for seat # 3.

Alain is a guy from the Newton Bay sector who knows very well the concerns of members of this sector (eg: zoning, water milfoil, land use planning, etc.). Within a week or two I’m positive that you’ll receive some documentation or even his visit as a municipal candidate.

For your curiosity, here’s a letter Alain wrote for you, click on his name: Alain’s Bio

Seat number 6 is also contested by Marc Beaudoin and Gérald Léveillé. All other seats (1, 2. 4 and 5) have been filled.

There will be a meeting with all the candidates for the election soon which will be organized by the newspaper ” La voix de chez-nous “. I will keep you posted on the date in a future email.


The seat of mayor is up for election. Our members have to choose between David Cyr, Stéphane Roy and Gilles Schryer.

I cannot comment on them because I do not know them, but I am sure your representative Patrick will have a small opinion that we can share shortly.

There is something new …


a resident of Chemin Poisson-Blanc (NDL) and member of our Association, presents himself against Étienne St-Louis at seat # 1.

I do not know Patrice personally, but I am sure that he will soon send us a short description of the reasons which lead him to represent you with the municipality.

The other seats are also up for election so it would be good to inform you about each of the candidates. I will keep you posted if there is a candidate presentation meeting soon.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO VOTE! For the first time in our history that we have local candidates do not miss the opportunity.



ENCOURAGING NEWS, we are 111 members a NEW RECORD.

Thank you for believing in us !!

Our association’s AGM will take place in December in ZOOM mode. The date and time will be announced in November.

Since me and Carla have resigned there is room for new directors. A small voice tells me that we will have candidates who want to share their knowledge for the good of our community.

To participate, you must be a member! Matthew and Jeff have just updated our membership page to make it even simpler. Sincerely, our reward as directors is your participation as a member.

If you haven’t already done so, here is your link for renewing your membership and thus continue to receive news from us.

Click on this link: click here

Each of the sector representatives (Bowman, du Brochet, Newton Lake and Bay and NDL) will present the concerns of their respective members. In addition, Jeff will present his comments on the implementation of our milfoil project (phase 2)  as well as the white buoy experiment (to slow down). Margaret will do the same for boating safety buoys. Johanne or Linda will tell you about the developments in the creation of a regional park in the south under the responsibility of the Air-Eau-Bois outdoor base as well as the management of the municipal descent. Patrick, our new representative for Notre-Dame-de-Laus will present his action plan for its members north of Mysterious island. Monique and David will present the recent concerns of their respective sectors.



$ 725:

This is the amount raised from our rain barrel sale. This activity was organized by Matthew one of our members from Newton Bay. In addition to this sum an indefinite amount was given as a donation by Matthew. THANKS MATT !! And to all those who participated in this activity.

We still have two unsold barrels left if you want to buy them please contact Matthew by email here: click here

The money will be deposited into our account and distributed for the activities chosen by the Administrative Council.


This great race did not have the expected success because as members we are not willing in giving time in participating in community activities like other lake associations. Hopefully the habit will come over time as this is a way to meet and learn about our community. The board will decide in the spring whether it will resume the activity. Thank you Margaret who gave her time to prepare it.


Again this year, Carla will be preparing our Annual Photo Contest to replace the photo on our homepages. This year, we received more than 20 submissions… a record! Head over to our Facebook page next week to pick the winning 2021 photo.



Finally, for those who make it to the end. The Board chose these personalities of the year. For 2021 we have two BIG STARS!

You have the scoop because they are not yet aware !!

See their photos in our next email.


For his boundless volunteerism. Claudio took responsibility for two safety buoys and three yellow buoys against the spread of water milfoil.

He has a passion for protecting his sector from an environmental point of view.


For his enthusiasm in improving our website, and this on a voluntary basis with his team of IT specialists. In addition, he took full responsibility for our barrel sales business.

This means several trips to ensure the distribution of these barrels.


Until next time enjoy the tranquility and fall colors in your paradise and don’t forget to do your fall chores by following this link: click here