The Great Lac du Poisson Blanc Scavenger Hunt !

The Scavenger Hunt Clues are below.


– Orders from our SHOP

Please note that there will be a delay in delivery … be patient because this is our first time using this system

– For our members of Notre-Dame-de-Laus

We cannot deploy orange or yellow buoys this year because we have to present our project to the municipality of NDL beforehand and then start a study by COBALI to identify the probable zones of watermilfoil for your sector. The Association plans to organize a ZOOM meeting with Patrick (your Representative) to know your priorities as members of this sector.

– Municipal Elections

IT’S NOVEMBER 7, 2021:

Non-residents (1 owner per address) must apply to be registered ON THE ELECTORAL LIST OF YOUR MUNICIPALITY?

WE ARE REPRESENTED BY THOSE WE ELECT. If you don’t vote … DON’T criticize your municipality afterwards!

As a non-resident can you vote? click here

Power of attorney for registration on a electoral list in a municipal election click here

Looking for a fun, family-friendly and Covid-safe adventure this summer ?

PARTICIPATE in the Great Lac du Poisson Blanc Selfie Scavenger Hunt!!!

Please read your Association email for all the details or ask us to send you the email

How to participate??

Take a selfie of you or a family member in front of the place/landmark to show us that you have solved each clue.

Submit your photos to our contest email address: or

No need to wait until the contest deadline to submit your pictures – we will collect them all summer long and post some of the best ones on our Association Facebook site throughout the summer.

Challenge your friends or neighbours to see who can complete the Scavenger Hunt the fastest.

The Fine Print:

  • This a family and Covid-friendly activity.
  • All pictures must be taken from your boat or other watercraft (except for Clues #3, 7 and 13).
  • Do not land on shore or trespass on private property.
  • Throughout the summer, we will post some of the photo submissions on the Poisson Blanc Association FB site.
  • By submitting your pictures to the contest website, you are giving the Association permission to post the picture on the following Facebook site: .  If your photograph includes other people, be sure to have their permission as well.

The Scavenger Hunt Clues are HERE :

  • This island looks like a Turtle. (Extra points if your photograph has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in it).
  • The best day to explore this cave is on Sunday. Hint – you might need to wait until the water gets lower to find this spot.
  • Hiking Trail C (picnic Spot 66C in the regional park). Take a pic of you and your family enjoying a picnic at this spot.  Extra points if you take a picture from the top of the hiking Trail!
  • It’s a ‘Mystery’ to me what is behind this door.
  • Your Lake Association puts out these buoys to warn boaters of dangerous rock piles. Extra points if you submit a picture of Buoy # 6.
  • If I were an Elephant, I would certainly be afraid to climb this wall. Many, many extra points of you submit a picture of yourself climbing the wall!!!
  • Take a picture of a lake scene that could be in a Tom Thompson painting. Be creative – show us a picture of your favourite spot on the lake. Extra points if your picture includes a Jack Pine.The Jack Pine, by Tom Thompson.
  • Is it a plane or a windmill?????
  • This Totem keeps the Green Snakes away!
  • You can’t buy a beer at this Bar.
  • The water is ‘green’ in this hidden lake.
  • A lifeguard must sit high in the ‘air’ to watch the ‘eau’ on this chair made of ‘bois’.
  • Submit a Selfie of you or a family member wearing one of our Lake Association T-shirts. Need to get one? Shop on line here:
  • This sign welcomes visitors to a popular Bay.
  • There is a traffic jam every sunny weekend of the summer under this Bridge!