The information on this page is the most up-to-date information we have as of May 8th. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

If you are coming here from outside our region, please do not go to local stores. If you staying here less than 7 days… bring your provisions!


We are here for you .. Marcel suggested that we offer to keep an eye on your property while you’re away. We can move things around to give the impression that someone is around and send you pictures or videos to reassure you or to provide proof that your trip here is for valid repair reasons. Your tax account and pictures can help you when you’re coming through a checkpoint. Already, four members have used our services. If you would like someone to visit your property, please contact us at:

You can contact directly Marcel Prevost or Carla Monette via Facebook also!


Despite all the upset, this year’s membership will go towards what’s most important: We must continue buying yellow buoys and various equipment and pay our contributions and other expenses required for us to operate properly. This will allow our Association to continue raising awareness and to ensure the safety of its members. We’re encouraging you to renew your membership.

DON’T FORGET, that being a member has advantages for you!

  • By registering, you are sharing your contact details to us and therefore we can communicate with you if there is an emergency;
  • You have access to our informative and community emails;
  • You are helping us financially in the purchase of buoys and other environmental measures.

You can renew or pay for your membership either by cheque, Visa, MasterCard (e-transfer) or PayPal. Given that our administrators and volunteers cannot have any physical contact with you, please use the link below to renew/pay…

Follow this link:

If you’re paying by Interac, Visa or MasterCard, you can make a donation too! Every little bit helps.

The association is sharing information. Please understand that it is not responsible for policing anyone, for implementing guidelines relating to Covid-19 or making decisions on who can come and go. We are volunteers doing the best we can. We are simply sharing the information. So… Please don’t shoot the messenger.


Saying health restrictions are unprecedented is putting it lightly. This has led to some of our members being prevented from accessing their properties over the last month and for an unknown amount of time in the future – rights we all considered to be vested as taxpayers.

The Québec government determined that trips and access to some regions must be restricted considerably until further notice. While we support our rights as owners, we must comply. As association in Québec, we are required to comply with Québec’s Emergency Public Health Act.

Like many association presidents, I’ve had a number of conversations with local politicians for a clearer understanding of the current situation and what to expect down the road. The question was asked if an owner can legally cross regional borders to maintain and enjoy their properties if the owner respects some measures. The answer came back as a ‘no’ as these reasons are not deemed essential for travel.  Public Safety and Health ministries are imposing these restrictions, which are enforced by police officers. Neither the MRC nor the municipalities are imposing these travel and access restrictions.

We are sharing some commentaries received from our politicians concerning this matter:

From the MRC (translation via Google Translate):

«I understand your situation very well and sympathize with you. The measures put in place in terms of roadblocks and issued by the government were put in place for the sole purpose of limiting the spread of the virus, which worked very well, indeed the situation for the 5 territories making up the Outaouais is currently described as “good and stable”. This is why, as announced at the government press point, the roadblocks located on the Outaouais territory will be lifted as of May 11, allowing traffic between the city of Gatineau and the MRCs of the territory.

However, the borders with Ontario giving access to Gatineau are still closed for an unknown period. Some data are still being evaluated before allowing the reopening. Measures such as the prohibition of indoor and outdoor gatherings, the respect of 2 meters between individuals and hand washing remain. All of these measures come from the government and we must comply with them. We must trust the Department of Public Health to avoid the spread of the virus. It is a global pandemic and we must adapt to it every week even every day and above all, follow the government press briefings issued every day at 1 p.m.

The Department of Public Health has yet to set a date for the border between Gatineau and Ottawa to open. They are still analyzing the situation, because Ottawa is considered a “hot zone” in the same way as Montreal. The Outaouais region has a very low rate of positive COVID-19 cases.»

For more information, you can call 819-644-4545.

From the municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie:

«We are aware that you and your family are following the health guidelines and that you observe all the directives issued by the relevant authorities responsible for the well-being of all citizens during this pandemic. 

We agree with you, it’s not people  like you who are a potential danger of the virus spreading. But the ones who come to the lake for a day or two, launch their boats and use the campsites.

But all camping activities are banned until future notice from the relevant authorities.

I hope you will have the possibility to travel to your cottage in the near future.»

From a municipal councillor (translation via Google Translate):

«Since the controls will be lifted in the Laurentians on May 4 and in the Outaouais on May 11, here are some details regarding interregional travel that will apply from May 4:

It will be possible for a resident of the Outaouais to enter the Laurentides region if he claims that he is traveling for a legitimate essential reason or for an essential need that cannot be met in the territory where he resides.

Upon return, he will be informed that he must quarantine himself for 14 days. If he had symptoms, he could be turned back and have to find refuge in health and social services in the Laurentians.

A Laurentides resident should also be able to invoke an essential legitimate reason for entering the Outaouais. He can therefore be turned back.

The police in the absence of a roadblock will still keep all their powers to enforce the laws and regulations of Quebec and the ministerial orders in force.

A resident of Ontario or another region of Quebec present in the Outaouais without legitimate reason during a police arrest in application of a law or a regulation of Quebec could incur a fine under enforcement of orders. **** A complaint from a citizen of the Outaouais may also lead to the issuance of a statement of offence.

It may happen that a chalet owner has a legitimate reason. Building owners have duties to their property and to their insurers. A breakage, a risk of theft, an alarm system triggered or an insurance clause requesting regular monitoring of the insured property are legitimate reasons if the citizen can prove it.»

Want more information ?

If you have been wondering a lot about the trips that will now be allowed in the Outaouais region. If you have any questions or doubts, contact the general number of the Sûreté du Québec and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

For more local information, you can call 819-644-4545.

Québec Goverment official link for Information:

Click here:

Municipal Emergency Services:

We are all living this situation together so…

  • BE NICE – kindness is priceless, we can all afford it.
  • BE EMPATHETIC – try to look at things from the other side, objectively.
  • BE INFORMED – knowledge is power… Reliable information from reliable sources will help you understand the scope of the situation.
  • BE UNDERSTANDING, PATIENT AND RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER – we are all stressed out and trying to adjust to a ‘new normal’.
  • STOP AND THINK – how are your actions affecting you and those around you?
  • THINK OF THE BIGGER PICTURE – this isn’t about you or me. It’s about saving lives.
  • DO YOUR PART AND STAY PUT. Stay healthy everyone, be happy and be safe. Better days ahead.

Precautions to Take, for Your Mental Health:

from Adriana Wilson


Prohibition of open fires.

The Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) has decided to ban open fires in or near the forest, in order to preserve the operational capacity of the Society for the Protection of Forests Against Fire (SPFAF) and the various municipal fire departments during a pandemic. This decision, taken in collaboration with SPFAF, therefore results in a ban. The Sustainable Forest Development Act (section 239) provides that anyone who contravenes a measure to reduce the risk of forest fires prescribed by the MFWPunder section 189 is liable to a fine of $ 500 to $ 50,000. This notice will remain in effect until the MFWP indicates otherwise.

More and more are walking our roads… please be careful!

QUESTIONS? Our email address:


Following the proclamation of health emergency measures and after discussion with your Board of Directors we voted :

  1. To cancel the sale of t-shirts for this year. We had to pay $ 500 for this purchase and the risk was too great for a manufacturing deficit and delay. In addition, the sales opportunities are uncertain. THANKS to CARLA MONETTE and MATTHEW GIBSON for their time creating the pattern. Don’t worry, they will be available in 2021.
  2. Jeff Parkes and Matthew Gibson will be responsible for promoting and selling a nice poster of our watershed. Details later on.
  3. To cancel our GENERAL ASSEMBLY (AGM) which was scheduled for May. All the directors are reappointed for another year. Our financial results will be published on our website pending approval in 2021. Therefore, I humbly remain your president and will try to promote our various committees including those for invasive plants and the surveillance of the Poisson Blanc islands. We are hoping that the municipality of LSM will agree to participate financially in the purchase of explanatory posters for the yellow buoys. WE GREATLY HOPE that member volunteering will increase.
  4. To cancel our meetings with the general managers of Bowman and Lac-Sainte-Marie. However, we will prepare a detailed letter, later on, for them that we will share with you.
  5. Given the Public Health’s advice and directives, we decided to cancel our corn roast that was planned for August 1. The national public health officer is putting a stop to Quebecers’ barbecues. He points out that “Walking two meters apart or being in front of our property is one thing, but getting together around a table is another”. On top of being close, guests touch different things which could be contaminated by another guest.
  6. We’ve also decided to temporarily suspend our committees. Based on the situation’s evolution, it may be possible for some to continue their work later on this summer, but that will depend on our committee coordinators (Margaret and Ray). Moreover, we decided that we won’t install yellow buoys (invasive plants) until our signs explaining them are installed at entry points to the bodies of water. Our walking trail towards the old growth forest is postponed until 2021. All of our administrators will continue in their current role until 2021. We’re sorry to hear Diane Faucher has resigned as person in charge of secretarial duties.

Our Committees are in Urgent Need of Volunteers!

Since the majority of our communications will be by electronic means, we are not sure how much volunteers we will have for our new committees. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS MEMBER you should also be interested in giving some of your time to relieve our other volunteers and help preserve our lakes intact. Get involved, it takes no more than an hour of your time annually!

  • Our committee for the Poisson Blanc islands needs volunteers or we have to dissolve it.
  • Our invasive plant buoy committee has only two volunteers. We can’t do much if we don’t have more volunteers.
  • Our committee for the old growth forest walking trail on Montée Jean-Marc has no volunteers at this time.




Your representative Linda has inquired with the General Director of Bowman of the situation regarding the boat launch and asked to check whether the management contract has been respected in 2019. More news to come. As mentioned above, we are not planning a meeting at this time, but rather the sending a letter to the general director. The Outdoor Base is currently closed until further notice, but trails are open in Denholm. Bowman has a new general manager, Daisy Constantineau. The outdoor center, the Base de Plein-Air Air-Eau-Bois, has a new general manager: Patrice Tremblay. I’ll be contacting them shortly to say “Hi” and to find out what interests them about our area.

Questions or comments:


Nothing new but hoping that among our members someone will offer to become a representative of this sector. Since our Emergency Committee has been dissolved until further notice, I will get information from the responsible person about the situation with the water level at the Cèdres dam.


Benoît, your representative, was recently hospitalized but has returned home to recover. All seem to be fine at the moment. Monique is doing a tremendous job raising the money necessary for the continuation of the water level control project … more details in our spring newsletter.

Questions or comments:


Nothing new at their lake. A fine example of community life! Unfortunately, Debby, David‘s spouse (your representative) was seriously injured while riding a bicycle but is recovering well at home now under the watchful eye of David.

For those who worried about Nicolas and Marie-Claude, they are finally back from Peru … Lucky for them.

Questions or comments:


  • Our financial administrator, Gilbert Lafontaine is again a grandpa… congratulations. A new potential member in a few years we hope.
  • LEVEL OF THE WATER: Jeff, after having researched with the members of his committee (Margaret, Darell, JoAnne and Larry) sent a very detailed letter to Hydro-Québec explaining the situation experienced by the owners of the bay in relation to the level of the water especially in September.

Letter that was send. Original version which was translated, please click here:

Letter that was received from the government. Original version which was translated, please click here:

  • Concerning our invasive plants, we have the yellow buoys but only 2 interested volunteers. I hope we can increase this number.
  • Concerning the reconstruction of Montée Jean-Marc: 2020-03-094 Acquisition of land between the Municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie and the Eastview Hunters and Fishermen’s Association for the rehabilitation of the Montée Jean-Marc, following the negotiations between the parties for the rehabilitation of the road. ADOPTED TO UNANIMITY – 2020-03-095 To mandate Me Amélie Boutin-Renaud, OF the SME firm INTER Notaires Vallée-de-la-Gatineau Inc., to write 5 promises to purchase $1,200.00, plus applicable taxes, relating to the acquisition of land in the case of the Montée Jean-Marc. ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY. Further information after the response of the General Manager Yvon Blanchard to our letter.

Questions or comments:

Check back here often as we will update our news regularly till the end of the pandemic.