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Some of you have complain that they aren’t receiving our emails. Be aware, that we use «CHIMPMONKEY» for our email communications under the name «A.P. du lac Poisson Blanc» so please check your spam file if you are not receiving them.

We are getting ready to celebrate next year the 5st year of our Association with big changes…

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Our committees have been at work for you all summer!

Johanne did her transparency tests on the lake and in Newton Bay. Her comments will be published in our next newsletter to our members next spring and on our website in October.


Our site monitoring committee members for the islands visited their sites several times this summer. Most of our volunteers did not report anything unusual except on site # 1 where trees were cut and lots of garbage was collected. A big THANK YOU to our volunteers for their perseverance: Jean and Denise, Ray, Fraser and Leslie, Adam, Sherry and Chris, Chris and Fannie. We plan to modify our sign for next season in order to respect our agreement with the Base de plein-air.


Historic Pontoon Tour with:

THANK YOU George and Diane who donated their time for our first historic pontoon tour on the lake.

Community campfire with:


THANK YOU to Diane and Marcel who lent their property for our first community campfire with our musician: Sébastien!

Our 2018 Corn Roast with:


The Association wish to say thanks to Jan, Gilbert, Lise, Jonathan, Mylène, Marcel, Diane, Erin and Leslie (no photo) in the organization of our annual Corn Roast in August.


Thank you to the musical group “S.O.P. for accepting our invitation. Next year, we will start our activity around noon and Fred has confirmed again the presence of “Socks Over Pants” so come on down to meet your neighbours in August 2019.

A special thank you to the local entrepreneurs who provided us with gift certificates: Restaurant Sue-Ellen in Kazabazua, COOP BMR in Gracefield, Matériaux Castle in Lac Sainte Marie and the Dépanneur 4 saisons Bon Ami in Lac Sainte Marie.


THANKS to Marc Barbe (contractor in Lac Sainte Marie in land development),

to Jérémie (Director of the Poisson Blanc Regional Park). Unfortunately no picture.

And especially to Gary Lachapelle, Mayor of LSM, who presented himself despite being on vacation.



Our Buoy Committee:

Our users in our lake appreciate the work of Margaret, Darrell, Jean and Denise, Mark and Gilles, George and other members of the Buoy Committee. This year we added two new buoys in the Bowman area.

Our sign at the entrance to Newton Bay is now installed thanks to a financial contribution from the municipality of Lac Sainte Marie.


Unfortunately, our membership is lower this year which results in a small deficit compared to our expenses. We hope that our members will be able to encourage those who have not yet renewed to do so soon or we will have to cut some of our expenses next year.

There have been no changes in the pursuit of our goals since this spring.


The «Base de plein-air Air-Eau-Bois» will complete the installation of its new sign showing where to put the canoes into the water. Unfortunately, many members of this sector have not renewed their membership this year and lack of time is preventing Mark from taking care of this issue. As a result, the association is currently unable to continue with its goals this year.


Sadly, it’s here! Yes, we had it analyze and it’s confirmed… the Eurasian watermillfoil has been notice in Newton Bay. In 2019, we will be forming a volunteer group to mark where it’s been spotted so to mark them with yellow buoys.

The steps regarding the construction of the new “Montée Jean-Marc” road are currently being at a stand still following a difference of opinion between the municipality of Lac Sainte Marie and the Gatineau Valley MRC. We will update on the status of negotiations between the two parties later this fall.

The Association has notified the Municipality of LSM of its environmental fears about the «officialisation» of a boat launch on the Grand Poisson Blanc Road in Lac Sainte Marie. in a gesture of good will, they removed the pictograph officially indicating this descent and we thank them for this gesture. In addition, the Association would like to thank LSM for correcting the name of our lake on all municipal signs to avoid confusion for some visitors.


Everything seems to be going well among all the owners around the lake.

Congratulations to David (Vice-president) who has managed to get everyone in an email communications network to be aware of their concerns.

Coming soon:

In October, the board must discuss major changes to our organizational structure as a result of membership requests and also to the feedback we received at our last AGM in June. We will be consulting you soon to formalize the conclusions of this discussion.

Enjoy your paradise!