FOur new season began with our annual AGM.

This year we met at the restaurant Lacalong. Thank you Manon and Sam, the owners.

Our new board:

Advisor:                                     Marcel Prévost

Administration:                          Carla Monette

Finance:                                    Gilbert Lafontaine

Vice-President (Newton Bay):  Ronald Thomas

Vice-President (Bowman):       Mark Proulx

Vice President (Newton Lake): David Orfald

President:                                  Pierre Charlebois



Following a member’s suggestion (thank you Larry), here’s where to keep informed about our water levels, high peaks, dates of stable levels…

CALL INFO LA LIÈVRE at 819-986-4228 or toll-free 1-877-986-4364

or send them a email:

For more information on water levels visit them at:

FOR OUR BOWMAN MEMBERS in the boat launch area:

Pet or parking problems, garbage or recycling, misuse of the ramp,

aggressive behaviour of certain users or any other disturbances:

CALL: 1-800-363-4041 OR 819 457-4040

or email them:

Please ask for M Gaétan Boucher or François they know the sector.


Left to right

SUSAN ROCQUE: For taking care of her shoreline

DENISE COMTOIS AND JEAN DUCHESNE: For taking care of their shoreline

CARLA MONETTE: For her dedication in the Association

ÉRIC LÉGARÉ (absent): For the three years he devoted as vice-president

Our action plan for this year :

  1. Continue our efforts in the promotion of the new “Montée Jean-Marc” road for our members in Newton Bay.
  2. Intensify our efforts to improve the tranquility for our members at the boat launch which is managed by the Air-Eau-Bois Outdoor Base in Bowman.
  3. Communicate with those who manage the water level of our lake to extend the stable period from May to October.
  4. Find a compromise, which is respectful of the surrounding environment, at the new boat launch on GPB.
  5. Increase our community activities.
  6. Improve our network of buoys.

Resolution that has been adopted and included in our rules:

“Representation by sector:

Given the size of our lake Poisson Blanc, it is important that all owners be represented. To facilitate this representation, each area, if possible, will be represented by a member in the Board of Directors. This representative receives the name of vice-president and is responsible of the interests of the members of his sector. “

Interested in joining us: click here


Historical pontoon tour around Mysterious Island

July 28 (departure around 1pm) from Marcel Prévost’s blue dock  and George Mellean’s dock on Solitude Rd in Newton Bay.

Animation by George Mellean

Places are limited. First come, first seated !

or call 819-815-4176 to reserve your seat

Details via email and Facebook.


July 28th starting at 7:15 pm in front of Carla property .

Bring your drinks!

With the musical participation of Sébastien from click here

Sing and have fun !

Details via email and Facebook.

Our annual Corn Roast

August 4th starting at 11AM at 486 Chemin Grand Poisson Blanc.

With the participation of the musical group “S.O.P.”

Your host: Jonathan Prud’homme

Details via email and Facebook.

Bike excursion

With your leader: David Orfald

Will be announced on Facebook.


For our members of the BOWMAN AND BAY NEWTON sectors:

Our detailed action plan will be presented next month.

In the meantime, we must congratulate the municipalities of Denholm for improving signage.
on Poisson Blanc Road towards Bowman:



Installation of this sign, on Poisson Blanc Road.

This one was bought jointly
with the Base de plein-air Air Eau Bois and the Association.







Installation by the municipality of Denholm
of this sign indicating the direction towards the municipality of Lac Sainte Marie.







At the intersection of the Trans Outaouais and Chemin de la Solitude
and also in this photo:

Installation by the municipality of Lac Sainte Marie





Notice the improvements on the TransOutaouais?? Thank you DENHOLM!

We would like to thank the municipality of Bowman for installing a new recycling bin and a new multi-opening waste container for the users of the boat launch and residents.

Finally, a guessing game …

To improve the peace of mind of residents of the Bowman descent area.

Decide which panel was installed by the “Base de plein-air Air Eau Bois” ?? The one on the right or the one on the left?






As an Association, we are very disappointed with the approach of the management of the “Base de plein-air Air Eau Bois” has chosen to respond to our suggestions.

For our members of the Lake Newton area:

THANK YOU to the Municipality of Lac Sainte Marie

for the installation of two safety signs and for speed reduction on the road.